How to: Remove colour cast from photos

Learn how to remove colour cast from your photos with this simple tutorial.


How to: Create pixel perfect text of small size in Photoshop

Lately, I have been given in a talk with the fellow designer about the pixel grid and designing for the web, when it comes to small sizes. I had approximate idea about it but wanted to learn more theory behind it and understand the reasons behind it. These 2 articles are a very good explanation for every aspiring web/mobile…

Tutorial: Retouching with frequency separation

When I learned first time about frequency separation technique, especially for retouching the skin, it seemed to me like science itself. You can find a lot of different tutorials, articles and discussions about frequency separation. One of the simplest explanation I found was this video, which explains it pretty simple, so everyone should get the…

Not ordinary Lorem Ipsum

If you are tired of Lorem ipsum in your designs, here is one fabulous solution to spice up your designs. There is enough examples for everybody`s taste , from cakes and vegies to beer lovers, just pick up your own.