Inspiration: It’s not about Valentine, it’s about love.

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Inspiration: Barbeque Bible

Delicate craftmanship creating one of the most beautiful print books.

Inspiration: Paperlux

If you are a print and paper “freak” like me, you would love the work of Paperlux. The work of this company is so really amazing and inspiring, I almost would touch the work only with white gloves, to preserve the details untouched. If I should believe on reincarnation, I must have been either some…

How to: Starting out

Legal documents for creatives There is nothing more scracy , when you are starting out, than the fear of making legal mistakes. The guys from Docracy, have decided to create a platform, where all necessary documents are in one place for us to use (woohoo great idea, guys). So make sure you head to their…

Not ordinary Lorem Ipsum

If you are tired of Lorem ipsum in your designs, here is one fabulous solution to spice up your designs. There is enough examples for everybody`s taste , from cakes and vegies to beer lovers, just pick up your own.

Google’s Cultural Institute

  Although we cannot travel in the time just yet, Google came up with the idea of entering the history and travel to places in seconds, to be able to discover the most beautiful pieces of art. This might be a project from Google, which didn’t receive that much publicity, yet it is very interesting…

Thoughts: Designing without loosing your soul

  By Francisco Inchauste on January 27, 2011 Aspiring designers are failing. They are being let down by their schools and sometimes by our design community. In America, creativity is on a decline. The resources available online are massive; Quality content is hard to find. “I’m eager to hire the next great class of designers,…