Inspiration: It’s not about Valentine, it’s about love.

Originally posted on Miami Design School on 13.February 2016: original link

I have stumbled across this video from Nick Smatt and his experiment regarding Valentine’s Day and people’s interaction. The idea of giving and sharing the love with total strangers it’s not completely new, and the execution seemed to be quite simple, it’s the human interaction, which gives it the soul. What would be just typical subway journey on any day, turned out to be for some people maybe the most memorable one of that day. It has touched me, how simple gesture of giving a single flower created genuine smile on people’s faces, who would on typical day just maybe empty starring  at each other or into their mobile devices, not even remembering the face of the person sitting next to them. This single flower made them aware of the space around them, of people around them and for a single moment, they cared and made the effort to spread the love and to share it, with the simple gesture of giving a single flower. Campaigns like these always get me, with a little happy tear in the corner of the eye and hope, that the humanity is still somewhere upon us.

Enjoy watching & spread the love xoxo


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